• Tony Griffin

  • Tony Griffin – Guide

    Tony Griffin brings a lifetime of outdoors experience to the Number One Team of Outdoor Professionals in Alabama. Almost since he was big enough to walk, Tony was following his daddy around in the fields behind the family bird dogs, learning about dogs and quail and life. Country boys learn a lot in the fields and forests; and Tony enjoys sharing some of those lessons with others. His true stories of weekend camping trips and week-long deer excursions let you know that he has definitely been there and done that, when it comes to hunting deer, turkey, quail, hogs, etc.

    Tony’s wife says that he wooed her with his wiles, and now she is an excellent hunter too. Her favorite game was dove shooting, until she discovered the thrill of the Continental Style Pheasant Shoots at Great Southern Outdoors. She is a part of the Outdoor Women of Alabama at Great Southern Outdoor.

    For Tony, hunting has always been a family affair. As a guide at Great Southern Outdoors, Tony loves sharing his extensive background of hunting experience and the knowledge he has accumulated with others.