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“It has been said that one man’s cull is another man’s trophy”. For most beginning hunters, taking an animal of any size is an exciting conclusion to a day spent in the great outdoors. For more seasoned hunters however, a beautiful trophy often becomes a family treasure, an heirloom handed down for generations, and a source of inspiration to young hunters. Picture a group of youngsters sitting around grandpa’s rocker in front of the fireplace with a shoulder mount hanging above the mantle.

They look at the height and width of the antlers, count the number of points, and carefully measure each one. They also measure the length of the main beams, the inside spread and the greatest outside spread. These elements and others combine to score the trophy; but they also tell a story of the property where the animal was born and how his habitat was managed. The three basic factors that determine antler size are (1) genetics, (2) nutrition and (3) age. Other things come into play as well, and some that we probably have yet to learn; but we know that habitat and stress factors also play an important role.

We plant hundreds of acres of supplemental feed in spring and late summer, providing a variety of nutrition sources designed to produce a healthy heard. We manage our harvest with the goal of maintaining a 1.4:1 doe to buck ratio.

Quality Deer Management at Great Southern Outdoors dates back over

many years, and we were among the first to support the DMP (Deer Management Program) implemented by Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources over 30 years ago. Our management program goes far beyond collecting data for scientific analysis, however. It also involves our many repeat customers. We have clients from all over America, (and a few foreign countries), many who have been coming to Great Southern Outdoors for 7, 8 to 10 years; and some who have been regulars for 15 to 18 years! They support our management philosophy, and frequently pass smaller bucks because they have already booked a hunt for the next season and they want to give a nice buck a chance to become a 20 inch class trophy.

At Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation we have a rule about antler size:“8 points or better and antlers outside the ears”. The average whitetail deer in Alabama will have an outside spread of about 16 ½ inches; since a mature buck’s ears measure approximately 16 inches from tip to tip, this is a good standard to use. Our thousands of acres of forest lands are carefully managed to provide our wildlife population with habitat diversity, natural food sources and cover. The results are self-evident; last year, one of our customers took home a nice trophy with an outside spread of 23 ½ inches! The deer on the right is a nice buck, but the other is a real trophy!
It is important to mention that hunting at Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation is for free range game, under the rules of Fair Chase..

The state of Alabama ranks #2 for whitetail deer population in America, (2nd only to Texas). Texas is more than five times larger than Alabama, therefore careful, thoughtful, well-planned management of our deer population is extremely critical. That is part of the reason we were proud to have the opportunity to participate in the Quality Deer Management Association’s (QDMA) program. Combining the resources of the State DCNR, QDMA, our loyal clientele and our own love of this very special plantation that has been in the family since the 1800’s –we at Great Southern Outdoors are proud to offer our customers an opportunity to join the prestigeous “20 Inch Spread Club”. Call us today to schedule your hunt. (334) 738-5066

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We are gearing up for our annual Alabama World Champion Bowhunter competition. This is a FUN event, in the RELAXED setting of the legendary Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation, located in the heart of Alabama’s famous BlackBelt region – Union Springs, Alabama. Seven two-man teams will check in on Tuesday October 24 for orientation and draw for exclusive territories. On Wednesday the 25th they will scout their territories in the morning and begin hunting in the afternoon. Hunting will continue Thursday, Friday and end on Saturday noon. The second flight of teams will arrive on Sunday the 29th, scout and hunt on the 30th, hunt the 31st, Nov, 1st and morning of the 2nd. The winning team from each flight will then return and compete as individuals for the SUPER-BOW championship hunt during the peak of the rut, February 8-10, 2018. Both winning teams will also receive a FREE hog hunt during the summer of 2018, and the ultimate individual winner will receive a beautiful trophy and FREE entry into the next year’s Alabama World Champion Bow Hunter competition. Total value of the prize package is $8,000! The entry fee is only $1,200 per person, and includes all meals and lodging for this 5-day event! You don’t have to be an expert archer to enter, just a good hunter. This event is about much more than just archery skill; it is an opportunity to use everything you know about hunting in a real-world situation going after free range game under the rules of fair chase. Each hunter is permitted a total bag of 7 animals: 1 buck, (8 points or better), 2 doe, 2 hogs, 1 bobcat and 1 coyote. Contact Great Southern Outdoors for more information – (334) 738-5066.

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