• At Great Southern Outdoors year after year we strive to grow and provide better habitats for trophy hunts than the last. Earlier this Spring we pin pointed a section of 200 acres of select cut pines for Partridge Peas. After cutting early Fall and using prescribed burning early Spring we then put the seed on the ground. Partridge Peas are a well known producer for heavy ground cover and is also an abundant food source for our Alabama Bobwhite Quail, Pheasant, Turkey, and many more upland game birds.

    Alabama Bobwhite Quail

    This plant in particular is great for our Bobwhite Quail during Winter for its dense stand -providing thermal protection and nutrients until we reach early Spring. In addition, Partridge Peas contain a high content of phosphorus and protein value which is low in crude fiber making it easily digestible. With browsing crude protein levels reaching nearly 30 percent it makes it an excellent food source throughout the Summer and Fall months. Partridge Peas are also a great source of food for our Alabama Whitetail Deer. By next Spring we plan to triple the amount of select pines acreage throughout the plantation in hopes of providing a more abundant food source and habitat for our Alabama BobWhite Quail and other wildlife.

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