• Pheasant Hunting

  • –  “The most fun you can have with a shotgun”

     – “Like a dove shoot on steroids”

    – “Never knew that wing shooting could be so exciting”

    Just some of the things we hear people saying during lunch after a morning in the field for one of our Continental-Style Pheasant Shoots!

    Image a tower in the center of the field with shooting stations around the perimeter of the field and two to three hundred (or more) birds being released. Their flight patterns are totally unpredictable, and by the time they make it to the outer edge of the field (if they make it that far) they are approaching 35 to 45 MPH! After each group of birds is released, a horn sounds, and the entire field rotates one stand so that every shooter has an opportunity to shoot from almost all of the stations!

    It is great fun for people of all ages, men and women, boys and girls; some even make it a family affair. A few of the shoots are open to the general public, but increasingly, smart businesses are reserving private shoots to honor valued employees, or to show appreciation to their best customers and clients. Typically, a breakfast of sausage and biscuits is served around 8:30 – then off to the field. After the shoot, hunters return to the lodge for one of our famous Southern-style buffet luncheons. Birds are cleaned and packaged, and everyone gets birds to take home.

    Watch for the announced dates of public shoots, or call today to discuss a private shoot for your company or group. It is much more affordable than you might think and can be customized to suit your needs. Only $250.00 per person , overnight lodging is also available, with full accommodations and meals.

    Pheasant Shoots 2019 - 2020

    Corporate Shoot Packages - includes breakfast and lunch 

    Package A: 24 Shooters - $6000

    Package B: 50 - 60 Shooters - $7500

    Public Shoots: includes lunch 

    $250 per person 

    Birds are cleaned and packaged and divided equally between the shooters

    Shoot Dates 

    February 22- Public