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Khimie M Parrish Bio

As a child I was adopted when I was 3 yrs old and grew up as a city girl, I attended a Vocational Tech School while in high School. I started working as an Antiques Furniture Refinisher when I was a senior and spent the next 25 yrs doing that as my profession. I never had the opportunity to hunt as a young person but spent a lot of time camping and fishing. I was introduced to the hunting world in 2001. When I started hunting I was not around women and sometimes I would feel a little out of place. While hunting in Alabama I had the opportunity to take my first White Tail Deer and from that point in my life my passion for the outdoors grew stronger.

I learned that being in the outdoor world have more to offer then taking game. While sitting in a tree stand or a ground blind watching the life out there you learn a lot from the animals as they communicate among themselves. I had the opportunity to get in a club in Florida in 2006 where I was able to hunt with other women who have the same passion as I do. I learned to hunt with a bow and was able to take my first hog, deer, and turkey while bow hunting. As an avid hunter I have been able to hunt deer, hogs, turkeys, quail,pheasant, and doves.

Great Southern Outdoors have given me the opportunity to pursue my passion to introduce more women to the outdoors on a much broader scale then I could have ever imagined. Being able to give them the same encouragement and support that I was given.

“Coffee Time” is a great way to get started, whether you are an experienced hunter, or just beginning to think about getting started. It begins with a photograph of a Great Southern Outdoors coffee cup in any outdoor setting. The photos are posted on social media, and each month a winning entry is selected.

The monthly winners are then invited to participate in a free hog hunt and or pheasant shoot exclusively for the Great Southern Outdoor women of Alabama. Visit the Outdoor Women of Alabama at Great Southern Outdoors on Facebook join our coffee time and start posting your photos. And yes my favorite color is CAMO.

Khimie Parrish

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Destinee Powell BIO

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The  Outdoor Women Alabama at Great Southern Outdoors are proud to announce “Coffee Time”, an outdoors photo contest for Ladies only.  The purpose is to bring more Ladies into the great outdoors and the exciting experience of the Hunting World. If you are not a hunter but think you might like to get into hunting, then this is a great way for you and your friends to get started. Go to Outdoors Women of Alabama at Great Southern Outdoors Facebook fill out the short entry form and send $10.00 and you will receive a GSO Coffee Cup. This cup must be in all of your photos, take as many as you want and upload to Facebook and tag Great Southern Outdoors. Make sure to change your privacy settings to public for your photos. If you don’t have a Facebook page email your photos to

A winning photo will be selected each month. Winners will receive a GSO tee-Shirt, and at the end of the first 12 months all winner will meet At GSO for an free all Ladies Hog hunt and or Pheasant shoot.  Coffee Time is any time in the outdoors. We look forward to seeing your photos and meeting all the winners here at GSO. Get your cup today, grab your camera and get started.

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Future Events planned for the Alabama Women of Great Southern Outdoors include:

Continental Style Pheasant shoot – A special “Ladies Only” pheasant shoot (minimum participation required).

Pheasant shooting in Alabama is very different from driven pheasant shoot, requiring less walking and offering far more shooting opportunity. This unique wing shooting sport, lends itself well to group events as well, and is very popular with corporate groups, clubs, etc. At Great Southern Outdoors the shoot is usually sandwiched between a breakfast of sausage and biscuits and a delicious Southern style lunch!

Alabama Quail Hunts – A “mini tournament” for an exciting day of quail hunting.

Outdoors is steeped in more than a hundred years of tradition. Beautifully prepared fields, friendly experienced guides, and well-trained dogs combine to make a truly memorable experience. Flight- conditioned Quail are strategically placed in the field in a manner designed to provide the most natural shooting conditions, with safety always in mind. In a “mini tournament”, teams compete in two braces, swapping fields after the morning hunt. Birds with premium point values add to the competition; and, as always, our staff of chefs prepares some memorable Southern style cuisine.  As always, there is never an over limit charge, and no cleaning fees when quail hunting at Great Southern Outdoors.

Alabama Hog Hunts – A terrific way to get in some hunting excitement during what most people call the “off season”. Hog hunts at Great Southern Outdoors are an excellent way for beginners to get started hunting, and a great opportunity for experienced hunters to sharpen their skills. Special group hunts make for an exciting outing for family groups, company outings, or customer appreciation events.

Special Alabama Deer Hunts – Whitetail Deer hunting at Great Southern Outdoors is famous all over America, and in a number of foreign countries as well. Thousands of acres of intensively managed wildlife habitat provide outstanding hunting, and the comfort and hospitality of the lodge at Great Southern Outdoors lend an added element of unforgettable enjoyment to the experience. Few things in life can compare with watching the first rays of sunlight crown the top of a tall pine tree, the distraction of a squirrel scampering through the leaves, and then all goes quiet as a big buck makes his way along a streamside path. Individual trips, family hunts, corporate and groups events all become cherished memories in the beautiful setting of Great Southern Outdoors.

Alabama Turkey Hunting – In the mid 1960’s Lurleen Wallace, who was the first woman to become Governor of Alabama, (and only the third female Governor in U.S. History at the time), was well known as an avid turkey hunter. Today, more than a half century later, her legacy lives on. In many ways, she set the standard for Alabama Outdoor Women – charming, intelligent, an expert marksman, and a true Southern Lady. Ladies who join our “Coffee Club” will have an opportunity to relive some of Governor Lurleen’s happiest times in the springtime beauty of Alabama’s forests in pursuit of the famous Eastern Wild Turkey.

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