Joanna Driver (“J.D.”)


Joanna Driver (“J.D.”)

Great Southern Outdoors is known for many things. The very name inspires visions of the beauty of nature, a place where one can feel closer to God’s creation than any other place on earth. That does not happen by accident; it takes the hard work and dedication of a staff of outdoor professionals who are Number One in the industry! 

We are proud to introduce the newest member of our staff, Joanna Driver, (affectionately known as J.D.). She brings a special set of business skills to help enhance the efficiency of our office operations. J.D. is uniquely qualified to help serve our many guests because she is also an avid hunter. She learned to shoot at an early age, and after mastering the target range decided it was time to move on to bigger game. She helped blaze the trail for women in the outdoors, because, as she says, she started hunting “back when it was not cool for girls to be at hunting camp”. Joanna enjoys hunting deer, hogs and squirrel – and understands all of the things that go into creating outdoor memories that will last a lifetime.

 When you speak with her on the phone, or meet her in person in our offices, you will immediately feel that gracious Southern Hospitality for which GSO is famous.

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