• Recently, Alabama passed a bait bill, leading me to research hunting trophy bucks over bait. Many hunters have very strong opinions regarding baiting. In writing this blog, I set aside everything that I thought I knew, and researched and wrote objectively. It seemed to make sense that baiting would make shooting a deer easier. If you just want to bring home some meat, that might be true. By supplying a food source, you will obviously have game show up.

    When baiting, however, you don’t just draw deer to the feeder. Doe and immature males may frequent an easy meal, but undesirable game will likely show up too. Nearly half of the United States is dealing with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in their whitetail population. Baiting causes animals that would not congregate together, to do so. This increases disease transmission among game because CWD is spread through body fluids. All CWD in animals is fatal.

    When hunting your Alabama trophy buck, it is best to use nature to your advantage. During the rut, your buck will only have one thing on his mind… breeding. He will be looking for his lady in her bedding area or near a natural food or water source, where he thinks they will have no audience. Anything related to humans will be a huge deterrent. In attempting to bait during the rut, you actually reduce your chance on that buck of a lifetime.

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