• Deer Hunting in Alabama

  • Deer Hunting Experiences in Alabama

    Deer Hunting Experiences in Alabama

    When you consider everything that you expect from an Alabama Deer Hunting outfitter, one of the great advantages of being a privately-owned wildlife plantation is that it enables us to manage our lands exclusively for Alabama deer hunting and other wildlife. Each spring and fall we plant hundreds of acres of crops exclusively for wildlife, designed to provide the necessary nutrition to help maintain a healthy Alabama deer heard, and to produce Alabama whitetail trophy class deer.

    We were among the first to implement a Quality Deer Management program in the state many years ago, based on the QDMA & Alabama Department of Conservation guidelines. Great Southern Outdoors is very proud of more than 3 decades of maintaining a 2:1 buck to doe ratio of Alabama whitetail trophy deer to provide the best Alabama Deer Hunting experience possible.


    Alabama Deer Hunting Season: October 15th – February 10th

    Alabama Whitetail trophy deer hunts include

    1 Buck (8 points or better), 1 Doe, 2 Wild Hogs, (No trophy fee on bucks)

    All hunts include Lodging and meals prepared by our full-time kitchen staff.

    If you harvest your 4 animals, you receive a FREE hunt for the following season

    As an added bonus, you may also take Unlimited Coyote and Bobcats

    Alabama Whitetail Bow Hunts

    • October 15th-November 15th   $300.00 per day (3 day minimum)
    • November 16th-December 31st   $1,100.00 (3 day hunt)
    • January 1-February 10 (Rut)   $1,300.00 (3 day hunt)

    Alabama Whitetail Black Powder Hunts

    • November 10th-November 16th   $1,695.00 (3 day hunt)

    Alabama Whitetail Pre-Rut Gun Hunts

    • November 22nd-December 31st   $1,495.00 (3 day hunt)

    Alabama Whitetail Rut Gun Hunts

    • January 1st-January 10th   $1,695.00 (3 day hunt)
    • January 11th-February 10th   $1895.00 (3 day hunt)

    Alabama Christmas Children’s Hunt Special

    • December 18th-21st, 2020

    Shared hunt for one adult and one child age 12 or under. 1 Alabama whitetail buck (8 point minimum), 1 doe, and 2 hogs allowed. Each child will receive a youth .243 rifle as a gift to keep.

    • $1,695.00 (Additional buck may be harvested for $750.00)

    Alabama Couples Special Whitetail Hunt  & Hog Wild Blowout

    Three day Alabama Whitetail deer hunt: Couples may book any open date during deer season. Each are allowed 1 Alabama whitetail buck ( 8 point minimum), 1 doe, and 2 hogs (8 animals in all)

    • November 17-December 31   $2595
    • January 1st-January 10th   $2995
    • January 11th-February 10th   $3295               

    Alabama Shared Whitetail Hunt (2 Hunters)

    • November 17th-December 31st   $1,795.00
    • January 1st-January 10th   $2,295.00 

    Alabama Deer Hunter Addiction Combo:

    • Book two 3-day hunts; 1 pre-rut (before January), and 1 rut (January or February)   $3,000.00

    Alabama Deer Hunt and Alabama Quail Hunt Combo:

    • On any 3-day hunt, hunters may spend any or all of their mid-days quail hunting. The price to add a quail hunt is $300.00 per day in addition to the standard deer hunt price.

    *Active Duty Military receive a $200.00 discount off their Alabama Deer Hunting trip. Youth under 16 and ladies receive 10% off their Alabama Deer Hunting Trip. Discounts are not applicable on bow hunts

    *Non-hunting guests will pay $100 per day for lodging from October 15-December 31; $200 per day January 1-February 10

    *Airport pickup: $100 fee for pickup and drop-off at Montgomery Airport

    *10% Guide Fee to be added to the price of all deer hunts.