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March 14th – April 30th

Alabama is # 1 in the nation for Turkey Population

Great Southern Outdoors Limits Turkey Hunts to 12 Hunters per season, resulting in a 90+% success rate and all birds harvested weighing over 20 pounds…Book Now! Call 334-738-5066

Alabama State Record

Hunt Alabama's Big Birds

Jessica Bordelon

Best Overall Eastern by a Female Hunter in Alabama NWTA

Steve Garner

Steve Long


There is nothing more exciting than hearing an ol’ gobbler right at daybreak. The pines and hardwood fingers of south central Alabama play perfect host for turkey action. Great Southern Outdoors is no exception to that reputation.

Great Southern Outdoors turkey hunts have been at an amazing 80% harvest ratio since the opening of business. We only take a few turkey hunters each year. It is important to reserve your spot as early as possible.

For more information, contact Ginger at Great Southern Outdoors today!

Call 334-738-5066 or Email For non stop gobbling action schedule your turkey hunt now.


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3 Day Hunt: ($1,495.00 March 151h – April 30th)

Each hunter is allowed to take 2 mature gobblers per 3 day hunt (no jakes). Guide and calling services available for $ 50.00 per day.

There is nothing more exciting than hearing an ole gobbler right at daybreak. The pines of Alabama play perfect host for turkey action.



It’s a quail hunter’s dream. Four groups of 3 hunters arrive on Thursday afternoon and warm up with friendly competition on our 12 station champion sporting clay course. Friday morning the groups start round 1 of competition by each going to a different quail field with a dog handler assigned to that field. They repeat this process each half day. A banquet is held on Saturday night and the members of the winning team each win an over/under shotgun, shotgun shells and clothing. The winning team receives the tournament trophy.

Hunters may enter 1 to 3 groups of 3 hunters in an open tournament or have 4 groups of 3 hunters in a closed tournament.

Great Southern Outdoors has a lot of great things to offer, but one of the most important is their experienced quail staff. Freeman, Josh, Mark and Hunter are truly some of the greatest guides around. Just being out on the field, watching them handle the dogs, and making sure you have an experience of a lifetime is what they do best!

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While attending the Hank Parker fundraiser for the Alabama Boys & Girls ranches at Great Southern Outdoors, Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture, John McMillan, announced he will be running for governor next term. ...

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