Free Alabama Wild Hog Hunt!

Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation is well known for its legendary deer, turkey and quail hunting. Our intensive management program is a part of the reason for our abundant wildlife population. However, a by-product of that is that we also have approximately 1,200 to 1,400 wild hogs that roam the plantation. To call them a nuisance would be an understatement; wild hogs can tear up a section of land almost as fast as a John Deere tractor; rooting and wallowing, destroying nests of turkey and quail, and creating safety hazards. They are the most prolific mammal on earth, and can produce 3 litters of 5 – 13 pigs per year.

Our control program is to hunt them intensely during the summer. April through September we try to put 20 to 25 hunters in the woods every other weekend, from Friday afternoon through midday Sunday. We need your help! That is why we are offering FREE Alabama Wild Hog hunts.

We have State permits to distribute corn to attract the hogs to areas where stands are located. We have numerous stands of every type, ladder stands, ground level and elevated shooting houses. Our stands are set up to accommodate bow and arrow, pistol, shotgun or rifle.

Great Southern Outdoors has clean and comfortable accommodations with private bath, satellite TV and free WiFi. Our staff of chefs serves some of the finest Southern style cuisine you will find anywhere.

The Free Alabama Wild Hog Hunt package includes 2 nights lodging and all meals. The charge for food and lodging is only $500 for all three days and two nights, (plus a $100 tip fee for your guide).

The hog hunt is FREE – there are no trophy fees, no hidden charges of any kind, and no limit on the number of hogs you are allowed to kill. In fact, the more the better.

Come spend a relaxing weekend at our beautiful plantation and help us keep the hog population in check. Call today to schedule your FREE Alabama Wild Hog hunt – 334- 738-5066.

Great Southern Outdoors Hog Wild Blowout

Alabama Hog Hunting is offered year round in Alabama. At Great Southern Outdoors our Special Hunts begin in April and run through early October. Our 6000 acres is a natural habitat for these animals and they can quickly get out of control without the right management. Our summer months are geared to reducing the population in an effort to keep it under control.

These hogs may not win awards for their looks, but they’re a challenge to hunt – and our cooks can smoke some of the finest Alabama Hog Hunting pork you’ve ever tasted!

2017 Hog Wild Blowouts

  • 2017 Hog Wild Blowouts

  • August 4 – 6; 18 – 20

  • September 1 – 3; 15 – 17

  • September 29 – October 1 (Couples)

  • October 6 – 8

Dates are filling fast, call today to reserve your hunt. (334) 738-5066


Contact Ginger at Great Southern Outdoors today! Click Here or Call 334-738-5066 or Email Go hog wild at Great Southern Outdoors.

$100 will be added at the time of your hunt to cover tips. Any additional tips are at your digression. No additional cleaning fees.




Great Southern Outdoors Plantation and Lodge quail tournament is a quail hunters dream, a 3-day, 3-night all you can shoot event. Four groups of 3 hunters each on field change up quail dog trainer fields to enjoy different scenery. We also book exclusive groups of 3 groups of 3 hunters or 4 groups of 3 hunters. Each hunt includes, sporting clays, meals, lodging and banquet dinner. The winning team(s) will be awarded over and under shotguns, shells and Great Southern Outdoors apparel. This is a wonderful hunt.

Great Southern Outdoors has a lot of great things to offer, but one of the most important is their experienced quail staff. Josh, Freeman, Mark and Hunter are truly some of the greatest guides around. Just being out on the field, watching them handle the dogs, and making sure you have an Alabama Quail Hunting experience of a lifetime is what they do best!


Alabama Quail Hunt: Includes overnight accommodations, meals, full day’s hunt, warm-up round of sporting clays.


Alabama Quail and Chukkar, full day. Includes noon meals and appetizers in the evening. 25 quail, unlimited Chukkar.


Alabama Quail hunting, full day. Includes noon meals, 25 quail. $525.00/person/day Quail Hunt, one-half day. Includes noon meals.


Non-hunting Guest


Alabama Quail Hunting, unlimited birds per day. Includes full day unlimited Bob White Quail Hunt — all you can shoot! Includes lunch.


Alabama Quail Hunting Tournament


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We are gearing up for our annual Alabama World Champion Bowhunter competition. This is a FUN event, in the RELAXED setting of the legendary Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation, located in the heart of Alabama’s famous BlackBelt region – Union Springs, Alabama. Seven two-man teams will check in on Tuesday October 24 for orientation and draw for exclusive territories. On Wednesday the 25th they will scout their territories in the morning and begin hunting in the afternoon. Hunting will continue Thursday, Friday and end on Saturday noon. The second flight of teams will arrive on Sunday the 29th, scout and hunt on the 30th, hunt the 31st, Nov, 1st and morning of the 2nd. The winning team from each flight will then return and compete as individuals for the SUPER-BOW championship hunt during the peak of the rut, February 8-10, 2018. Both winning teams will also receive a FREE hog hunt during the summer of 2018, and the ultimate individual winner will receive a beautiful trophy and FREE entry into the next year’s Alabama World Champion Bow Hunter competition. Total value of the prize package is $8,000! The entry fee is only $1,200 per person, and includes all meals and lodging for this 5-day event! You don’t have to be an expert archer to enter, just a good hunter. This event is about much more than just archery skill; it is an opportunity to use everything you know about hunting in a real-world situation going after free range game under the rules of fair chase. Each hunter is permitted a total bag of 7 animals: 1 buck, (8 points or better), 2 doe, 2 hogs, 1 bobcat and 1 coyote. Contact Great Southern Outdoors for more information – (334) 738-5066.

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