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Welcome to the new Great Southern Outdoors Backwoods Blog! Here, I’ll be covering various topics throughout the week. Any and all things outdoors; hunting stories, recipes, tips and tricks, and of course some of my opinions on different topics in the outdoor world. The Backwoods Blog is a way for us to stay connected to our audience, while providing insight and suggestions of various topics. If you have any suggestions on posts you want to read about in the future, feel free to shoot me an email here.

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1 day ago

Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation

Some good information on EHD and what to look for on your property.

The Quality Deer Management Association
It's that time of year when reports of EHD typically start rolling in. Fortunately, it has been pretty quiet on that front so far this summer, but all of us should be vigilant in keeping an eye out for deer hit by the virus. This video explains how to look for an outbreak where you hunt and what to do if you find sick or dead deer.

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