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Calling all Alabama Outdoor women who love the outdoors!

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If hunting is your hobby and camouflage is your favorite color, then listen up because Alabama Outdoor Women of Great Southern Outdoors has what you need…and you don’t have to be an Alabama resident!

The Alabama Outdoor Women of Great Southern Outdoors are excited to announce coffee time, which is an outdoor photo contest for ladies. The purpose of this event is to bring more women into the great outdoors, to experience hunting and nature firsthand. Whether you are an avid hunter or you’re just thinking about getting started, this is a great event to attend. To sign up, simply visit Great Southern Outdoors dot com or visit their Facebook page Registration is only $10, and you will receive an exclusive GSO coffee cup. The cup must be in all of your photos. You can take as many photos as you want, and make sure you upload the images to facebook. Tag Great Southern Outdoors, and don’t forget to make sure that the privacy on the images is set to public, so everyone can see the beautiful images you take. At the end of each month, a winning photo will be selected.

Winners will receive a GSO tee-shirt, and after the first year, each month’s winner will meet for a free all ladies hog hunt, and or pheasant shoot. We look forward to seeing the photos you take, and can’t wait to get this contest started. Share this video with your friends, and let’s get as many ladies to participate as possible. The Alabama Women of Great Southern Outdoors is excited to show more women the joys of the outdoors and hunting. Join the contest, and upload your photos. Connect with other women who share your hobbies. We can’t wait to see your images! Contact Ginger today to learn more about Alabama Outdoor Women  Call 334-738-5066

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Some good information on EHD and what to look for on your property.

The Quality Deer Management Association
It's that time of year when reports of EHD typically start rolling in. Fortunately, it has been pretty quiet on that front so far this summer, but all of us should be vigilant in keeping an eye out for deer hit by the virus. This video explains how to look for an outbreak where you hunt and what to do if you find sick or dead deer.

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