Calling all Alabama Outdoor women who love the outdoors!

Alabama Outdoor Women

If hunting is your hobby and camouflage is your favorite color, then listen up because Alabama Outdoor Women of Great Southern Outdoors has what you need…and you don’t have to be an Alabama resident!

The Alabama Outdoor Women of Great Southern Outdoors are excited to announce coffee time, which is an outdoor photo contest for ladies. The purpose of this event is to bring more women into the great outdoors, to experience hunting and nature firsthand. Whether you are an avid hunter or you’re just thinking about getting started, this is a great event to attend. To sign up, simply visit Great Southern Outdoors dot com or visit their Facebook page Registration is only $10, and you will receive an exclusive GSO coffee cup. The cup must be in all of your photos. You can take as many photos as you want, and make sure you upload the images to facebook. Tag Great Southern Outdoors, and don’t forget to make sure that the privacy on the images is set to public, so everyone can see the beautiful images you take. At the end of each month, a winning photo will be selected.

Winners will receive a GSO tee-shirt, and after the first year, each month’s winner will meet for a free all ladies hog hunt, and or pheasant shoot. We look forward to seeing the photos you take, and can’t wait to get this contest started. Share this video with your friends, and let’s get as many ladies to participate as possible. The Alabama Women of Great Southern Outdoors is excited to show more women the joys of the outdoors and hunting. Join the contest, and upload your photos. Connect with other women who share your hobbies. We can’t wait to see your images! Contact Ginger today to learn more about Alabama Outdoor Women  Call 334-738-5066

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We are gearing up for our annual Alabama World Champion Bowhunter competition. This is a FUN event, in the RELAXED setting of the legendary Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation, located in the heart of Alabama’s famous BlackBelt region – Union Springs, Alabama. Seven two-man teams will check in on Tuesday October 24 for orientation and draw for exclusive territories. On Wednesday the 25th they will scout their territories in the morning and begin hunting in the afternoon. Hunting will continue Thursday, Friday and end on Saturday noon. The second flight of teams will arrive on Sunday the 29th, scout and hunt on the 30th, hunt the 31st, Nov, 1st and morning of the 2nd. The winning team from each flight will then return and compete as individuals for the SUPER-BOW championship hunt during the peak of the rut, February 8-10, 2018. Both winning teams will also receive a FREE hog hunt during the summer of 2018, and the ultimate individual winner will receive a beautiful trophy and FREE entry into the next year’s Alabama World Champion Bow Hunter competition. Total value of the prize package is $8,000! The entry fee is only $1,200 per person, and includes all meals and lodging for this 5-day event! You don’t have to be an expert archer to enter, just a good hunter. This event is about much more than just archery skill; it is an opportunity to use everything you know about hunting in a real-world situation going after free range game under the rules of fair chase. Each hunter is permitted a total bag of 7 animals: 1 buck, (8 points or better), 2 doe, 2 hogs, 1 bobcat and 1 coyote. Contact Great Southern Outdoors for more information – (334) 738-5066.

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