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Bow hunting the forests of Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation offers many exciting opportunities! White tail deer season runs from late October all the way to the middle of February; plenty of time to connect with a deer, whether a tender doe for the dinner table or the trophy buck of a lifetime for the den wall.

For some added excitement, plan a hog hunt from April through early October. If you have ever hunted hogs with a bow, then you know how much fun it can be; if not, be sure to make this the year you experience the thrill of this challenging species. Wild hog meat is very popular for those who like to make their own sausage; and the smaller animals are delicious when roasted. Of course, all of our hog hunts allow you to use the weapon of your choice, but bow hunters find it an added dimension of fun.

Our diverse habitat offers a wide variety of hunting options. Each year we plant hundreds of acres of highly nutritional crops in the rich soils of our fields here in the Black Belt region of Alabama. You may choose to hunt hardwood bottom land, piney woods or upland plateau. Most of our bow hunters like to bring their own portable stands, but we also offer many other stand options.

Now is the time to start planning your next adventure; be sure to include Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation in those plans. Check out our Facebook page, and give us a call at (334) 738-5066.



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Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation

Some good information on EHD and what to look for on your property.

The Quality Deer Management Association
It's that time of year when reports of EHD typically start rolling in. Fortunately, it has been pretty quiet on that front so far this summer, but all of us should be vigilant in keeping an eye out for deer hit by the virus. This video explains how to look for an outbreak where you hunt and what to do if you find sick or dead deer.

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