• deer hunting alabama

    Fast-forward and it’s October 15th, the day us bow hunters have been waiting on all year long. You hear your alarm clock go off, you put on your gear, and you head  up the lodge to have a nice cup of coffee before heading out into the great outdoors. The preparation has been put in, you’ve practiced countless times on that perfect kill shot, and you are ready to take the buck of a lifetime.

    At Great Southern Outdoors we take pride in our heritage and having the privilege to invite other outdoorsmen to hunt the prestigious Alabama white tail deer hunting.  You might ask yourself: what is it that sets this hunt apart from any other ? To us, it’s exercising our right as hunters/huntresses and taking part in a tradition that has been a way of life for many years before us.

    Bow hunting Alabama in the early season can have many advantages to a hunter during this time of the year. Acorns are starting to drop from a variety of oak trees. These oaks provide a great food source along with winter food plots that have been strategically planted. Many of these food plots include: standing soybeans, turnips, chicory, clover, winter peas, and oats. During this time bucks can be found in bachelor groups while seeing them in their same summer feeding patterns.

    For an accomplished hunter, one knows that there is a lot more to hunting than just luck. With 32 years of experience, Great Southern has mapped out the best deer management program possible. We invite you to come join us on a hunt you will never forget while enjoying great southern cooked meals, and good company.

    -by Hunter Pritchett