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    Great Southern Outdoors is every sportsman’s dream come true. You get to leave the urban jungle behind and experience the southern hospitality at its finest. With more than six thousand acres of abundant land for wildlife and nature, the Alabama Hunting Lodge brings nature closer to you. Great Southern Outdoors is home to some of America’s finest turkey, deer, hogs, quail and many more. It is also a great destination for outdoor activities. Not surprisingly, millions of nature lovers flock to the Alabama Hunting Lodge every year.

  • Whitetail Deer

    whitetail deer

    Considering what you expect from an Alabama Deer Hunting outfitter, one of the perks we enjoy as a privately-owned elite hunting ranch is that we can manage our wildlife plantation exclusively for Alabama deer hunting and other wildlife...

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  • Hog Hunting


    Wild hogs have completely taken over the land across the southeast. As a free-range property, Great Southern Outdoors is no exception. Feral hog is estimated to cause more than 800 million of agricultural damage in the US every year. Even in the deer hunting off season, you can sate your hunting urges while ridding the world of these by taking part in the Alabama Hog hunting.

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  • Pheasant Hunting

    Pheasant Hunting

    Most times after our Alabama pheasant hunting session, we hear people rave about the experience as being the best fun they have had Wingshooting. Our Alabama pheasant hunting landscape has seeds, grains, fruits and varieties of wild plant that pheasants need to survive and thrive.

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  • Quail Hunting

    Alabama quail hunting

    Great Southern Outdoors is reputable for its unrivalled Alabama quail hunting experience that gives you more options, more birds and more fun! In addition to traditional Bob White Quail, we also offer Tennessee Red Quail and Chukar.

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  • Turkey Hunting


    There is nothing more exciting than calling in a gobbling eastern wild turkey in the great state of Alabama. Looking to find the perfect place to score your first bird? There is no better way to make your debut than with our Alabama turkey hunting trip.

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  • Hunting Specials

    hog hunt alabama

    We honor our military past and present and appreciate what you have done and continue to do for our country. Call us today to book your unforgettable Alabama Whitetail Deer / Hog hunt at Great Southern Outdoors! 334-738-5066

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  • The Complete Deer Hunting Experience

    An Outdoorsman’s Dream Come True…Deer, Turkey, Hogs, Quail, Fishing or combos… Great Southern Outdoors’ 6,000 acre Plantation is located in the Black Belt Region of Bullock County, Alabama. This plantation offers quality managed whitetail deer hunting in an area of Alabama that is host to the largest population of deer in the state.

  • Professional Alabama Hunting Outfitter

    As an Alabama hunting outfitter who pride itself on the southern heritage, Great Southern Outdoors aims to give you the best Alabama outdoors experience. We offer 6,000 acres of naturally beautiful land abundant with wildlife and full of southern heritage. This dream destination for any outdoorsman or woman consists of prime habitat for deer, turkeyquail and hogs not to mention our great outdoors.